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Register a high-rise building

Use this service to apply to register a high-rise residential building in England.

If you are the principal accountable person for a building, or the principal accountable person has authorised you to act for them, you can use this service to:

  • apply to register the building
  • continue an application you started previously
Help with principal accountable person

The principal accountable person is the person or organisation who owns or has responsibility for the building.

If the building has more than one accountable person, then the accountable person for the external common parts of the building will be the principal accountable person.

Before you start

A high-rise residential structure has:

  • at least 7 floors or is at least 18 metres in height
  • at least 2 residential units

A high-rise residential building can contain 1 or more high-rise residential structures.

Apply to register 2 or more structures as a single building when they're connected by either:

  • a walkway, lobby or basement, that contains a residential unit
  • a wall containing normal use doors

If your building is made up of more than 1 high-rise residential structure, you must tell us this information for each structure.

You must tell us the following information about the building:

  • the number of floors at or above ground level
  • its height in metres
  • the number of residential units
  • the year it was originally built
  • its address or addresses

If your building has multiple independent sections, you must tell us this information for each independent section.

You will also be asked about the principal accountable person and any other accountable persons.

To complete your application, you must declare that all the information you have told us is correct.

Then you must pay for the application.

After you have paid, we will then ask you for more detailed structure and safety information about the building.

Once you have started you'll have until 30 September 2023 to complete your application, and give us all the information we need to know about the building.

You can save your application and return to it at any time.

You can use this service as many times as you need. But you can only give us information about 1 building at a time.

Start now

If you need help using this service

Contact us if you need help with your application to register a high-rise residential building.